Thunder Beach

Twenty-four years ago, Tim McCormack brought his vision of sand volleyball as a business to the Midwest.  Starting locally, he has overseen the construction of 10 complexes in 3 states.

So, you may be asking, what is Thunder Beach? Good question.

Thunder Beach, the only sand sports franchise in North America, was launched in 2009. Founded by Tim McCormack, this company operates as an add-on profit center for Bowling Centers, Sports  Bars, Family Entertainment Centers, etc. We find companies that have underutilized land and/or parking lots next to their place of operation. That’s where we step in by building a sand sports complex and performing a profit split, with all of the food and beverage sales from our complexes going to the preexisting company, and all the registration fees from our sports programs going to us.

What separates Thunder Beach is not that we build sand sports complexes, as anyone can build sand sports complexes, but, instead, we distance ourselves from competition with a passion and energy to run our complexes right. Drawing from the decades of experience Tim has in recruiting and drawing players to his locations, Thunder Beach works more efficiently and more effectively to run better complexes than that of our competitors.

If you’ve been looking for a new way to bring in additional profit to your company, and you have potential space for a sand sports complex, feel free to contact us! If you know someone who owns a company that might fit this description, help us get in contact with them and there is potential to earn a commission fee of $300 should we eventually build a complex there.Company Logo

Thunder Beach is a different way to do business. If you’ve been looking for a new way to do business, and separate yourself from competitors, leave behind the ordinary to come play in the sand at Thunder Beach!

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