I love the smell of sand in the morning.

6 Aug

No feeling is better than waking up in the morning rejuvenated and ready go, which is exactly how you awoke the day after the webinar! Time for another exciting day in the life of a Thunder Beach franchisee, you muse as you get out of bed. While eating breakfast, you have a quick discussion with your wife about taking the next steps in the franchising process. You both agree to meet with a loan officer and discuss your options, but also decide to go ahead and start scouting potential locations for your franchise. You can hardly wait! However, your day job beckons so you reluctantly head to the office and settle in for theCompany Logo time being. During your lunch hour, doubts start creeping into your mind. I’ve never owned a business before, how will I pull this off? Is this really a good idea? Am I crazy to leave my current job? The doubts begin to pile up and you start to have a panic attack until, suddenly, you remember one key phrase from last night’s webinar. Turnkey franchise. The words ring through your head, washing away the doubts. Thunder Beach will guide me through every step of the process. Besides, this is your chance make a living doing something you love! You call your best friend, and franchise partner, and inform him how the webinar went and tell him of your plans. He is as excited as ever and volunteers to help scout for locations after work.

You pick him up around 5:30 PM and begin brainstorming ideas as you drive. After a few hours of driving, you have some possible locations. A new club being built out west, a driving range, and a nearby family entertainment center with a couple of unused acres. Shoot, even the bar and grill you ate dinner at seemed to have space for a franchise. As you drop your friend off for the night, he suggests calling Tim McCormack, Thunder Beach’s CEO, to ask him about some of the details on building a complex.

A few days later, you finally find time to contact Mr. McCormack and discuss your questions. What are the dimensions for a court? How much does it cost to build five courts? He answers that, ideally, the size of the court should be 80’ x 50’. The cost of building five courts is approximately $75,000, which includes putting in the drainage system, buying a sand raking machine, installing fences, etc. You inform him that you have started looking for locations and have a meeting with a loan officer coming up. He suggests that the two of you set up a meeting to go over more information and fill out a Thunder Beach franchisee application. As the conversation comes to an end, you thank him for his time and information, while assuring him you will call him again soon. You are well aware things are getting very serious and you couldn’t be more thrilled!

To be continued…

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