A Conversation to Remember

22 Jul

Company LogoIt is now Friday. Several days have passed since you discovered Thunder Beach USA and had the idea to become a franchisee. You consulted friends who were very supportive, one of your best friends even offered to join you in your venture, and now there is only one more person that you need to talk to. You’ve known her for 28 years, she is the person you trust the most, and she holds the greatest influence in your final decision.  She is your wife, and she is returning from a business trip today.

As you drive to pick her up from the airport, you rehearse a confident and convincing speech to give to your wife.  You are overjoyed to see each other after a two-week absence! The two of you find a place to eat and talk while she unwinds after the long flight. After you have both finished the main course and thoroughly enjoyed catching up with one another, you decide that it is time to take the leap. Much like you did with your friends; you begin by admitting that work has been less than satisfying, and then reveal your information about Thunder Beach and becoming a franchisee.

She is quite surprised and raises many objections; how is it even logical to own a franchise, financially speaking? The economy is awful and it just isn’t safe to be a franchisee. Besides, what do you even know about running a business? Fortunately, you have prepared for this and begin to explain some of advantage of a Thunder Beach franchise. You list off some of the main advantages for the franchisee; minimal overhead costs, a prime location to operate from, lower than average build out costs, National support from the franchisor, etc. You continue explaining to her that this is a turnkey franchise, meaning that the franchisor builds and provides everything necessary for the franchisee to succeed. You conclude your spiel by emphasizing the uniqueness of the opportunity, namely that you could be among the first to offer both sand volleyball and sand soccer at one location.

While she still has her doubts, she is willing and open to the possibility of Thunder Beach based on an upcoming webinar you are scheduled to attend. She is impressed most not by the business facts and numbers, but rather by your passion for the whole idea. She admits that she hasn’t seen you get this excited in a long time, and it reminds her of the way you used to be when you first met. You look across the table and smile knowing that whatever happens she will be right there by your side, supporting you all the way.

To be continued…

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