Waking up.

15 Jul

Part 2:


Does anyone like seeing this in the morning?

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.

There it goes again, that all too familiar sound of your alarm going off. It’s 6 in the morning and time for you to begin your day. Just as you are about to hit the snooze button, you remember the events of the day before. You had the idea to become a Thunder Beach franchisee! You feel a revitalizing energy come over you as you head for a hot shower. 

During breakfast another thought occurs to you, a thought that is slightly daunting. Inevitably, you’ll have to tell your wife about your new idea. You are immediately overwhelmed with a feeling of panic! After all, what if she doesn’t like it? What if she dismisses the whole idea? You decisively resolve to find a way to present your plan in a detailed and organized manner.

At the office, you are finding it difficult to focus on your assignment. You keep replaying a scenario of telling your wife until you can’t take it anymore! Seeing how a couple of your friends react may be the perfect trial run you need. So, you call up a couple of old friends to meet you later for happy hour at your favorite spot. Five o’clock couldn’t have come fast enough, but soon you find yourself sitting with two of your friends. After a few drinks it’s time to get down to business and reveal the reason for meeting on an otherwise average Tuesday. You start off admitting that you haven’t been satisfied with your work lately because it is static and boring to say the least.  You admit that you have, in fact, even considered pursuing an entirely different career, which segues quite nicely into discovering Thunder Beach USA and the subsequent decision to explore becoming a franchisee.

Your friends stare at you with a shocked expression, mouths hanging slightly agape. While they were aware of your overall dissatisfaction with your current job, they had no idea it was this extreme! They start asking you dozens of questions. Patiently, you explain how it would work and direct them to the website.  More importantly, you emphasize the originality of your idea, stressing how you could be among the first to offer sand volleyball and sand soccer at one location. As you continue to demonstrate confidence and enthusiasm, they slowly start to come around and accept the idea as not only logical, but also as being potentially lucrative.

Satisfied with the discussion, everyone moves to leave. As you are departing, one of your friends, also unhappy with work, pulls you aside to ask whether or not he could partner with you in this new venture! He has been your closest friend since childhood, and was even a member of the sand volleyball team you played on as a teenager so, without hesitation, you happily accept his offer. Driving home, you breathe a huge sigh of relief. Perhaps talking to your wife about your new idea won’t be so bad after all!

To be continued…

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