All beginnings come from some beginning’s end.

9 Jul

Blog PostHey Thunder Beachers and Thunder Beachettes! Today we’re starting a new blog series where we take you through the life of a potential franchisee by telling you the story from their perspective. So, follow this series to find out why people would want to get away from the everyday grind to come work at the beach. (Hint: It’s because working at the beach basically entails building giant sand castles and chasing sand crabs everywhere. If that sounds strenuous to you, we’ll understand.) 

You stop typing on the keyboard and begin to reminisce on the glorious summers of your youth. You would cram into a car and cruise around with friends, ready for adventure. One summer in particular stands out in your memory. You were at the convenience store getting something to drink when you saw it; a plain, simple flyer on the wall. Despite its simplicity, you drew close enough to read two words that would change that whole summer: Sand Volleyball. It was exactly the type of limitless fun you sought! You joined a team with your friends and embarked upon the best summer of your life. Volleyball provided not only great games and great memories the people you loved, but you also fell in love with the sport.

Now as you look back and reflect on days gone by, you wonder if something is missing. Your kids are grown and gone, your wife often is on business trips, and your own career is lackluster. What you wouldn’t give to experience those hot, summer days full of action and excitement once more!

You shake off of the foggy memory of youth and go check your favorite website. While there, an unfamiliar ad catches your eye. Thunder Beach USA Franchising: Sand Volleyball and Sand Soccer, it says. Intrigued, you begin to wonder about owning a franchise. Could you do it? Better yet, should you do it? You know that you have the desire for a career change, the necessary finances, and a love for volleyball, but you’re not sure that sand sports would be profitable. I mean, this is the Midwest. How many people do you see playing sand soccer?

Then, as you are about to dismiss the whole idea, another thought jumps in and takes over! That’s the point! Nobody is playing sand soccer, which means this could be something entirely new and fun! I could do this, you reason. I could be among the first to offer sand volleyball and sand soccer at one location! In your excitement you almost forget to submit your daily, morning assignment, and you realize that this job and your assignments mean very little to you.

As you fervently peruse the Thunder Beach USA website, you quickly realize this may be exactly what you were looking for to revitalize a stagnant career. This could provide the passion to get out of bed in the morning and do whatever it takes to make past dreams a reality today. You glance at the phone, take a deep breath, and decide to take a plunge. Calling Thunder Beach, you hear a pleasant and confident voice on the other end of the line, and your gut tells you you’ve made the right decision. You arrange a meeting with Mr. McCormack, Thunder Beach’s CEO, and take the first step towards a brighter and better future.

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