There’s a storm brewing…

1 Jul
Vegas Strip

Do you see how awful our life was for a week?!

And it’s name is Thunder Beach!

Hey everybody! We’re back from Vegas and Bowl Expo after a very, very encouraging trip! Next time someone tells you how awful their job is, tell them we had to stay at The Flamingo on the Vegas Strip for a week. Pretty awful if you ask us…

Anyways, man, was it fun to be there! Here’s a few quick highlights of the trip for us:

  •  Olympians everywhere! No, we’re not talking about Greek gods on Mt. Olympus, but United States Olympians! From Bruce Jenner, to Dara  Torres, to our own cohort in crime, Mike Dodd. It was a blast to get to meet and listen to some awesome people at this convention.
  • The Strip was, obviously, a very cool experience. Great place to just build connections with bowling centers from all around the country. Just a really, really amazing environment. If you haven’t been there, you should make sure you go at least once.
  • This was a business trip and we are super stoked that we have approximately 50 really solid leads to go off of after this convention! We hope that means we’ll stay busy for quite some time.

We’re just getting started though! Remember, if you want to open up your own franchise, or you know someone interested in franchising, this is an amazing opportunity for them! If you even know of potential locations that are interested in sand volleyball, refer us to them and, if things work out, you could get a commission fee of $300!

It’s an exciting time for Thunder Beach. So escape from the ordinary! Come play at the beach. Thunder Beach, that is.

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