I have a dream!

23 Sep

Anyone can have a dream, but only a few are successful because they have worked for it and wanted it more than anything else.  They have visualized it, tasted it, lived it and breathed it day in and day out.  Those are the ones who make it. Do you have what it takes?..You wake up suddenly, heart pounding and covered in a cold sweat.  You aren’t sure who it was in the dream who spoke to you but it was warm and familiar yet firm and unknown all at the same time. After shaking away the cobwebs you glance at the clock and realize it is time to get ready for your meeting with the loan officer.  Your wife suggested that you both sit down and discuss the financial possibilities so that you will know whether or not you can proceed as a potential franchisee.


At nine o’clock sharp you find yourselves face to face with an experienced loan officer at your local bank and begin to explain your ideas to him.  You go through some of the important information about Thunder Beach and the layout of your business plan to become a franchisee.  He is immediately glad to hear that you are working with a franchise rather than starting a business on your own since this is your first venture as a business owner and the franchise has already been proven to be successful in the past.  You tell him that you need to prequalify for a loan of around $150,000 in order to take the next step in the process and that you have already found several good locations that could possibly be used to build courts.  He questions the two of you on how much research you have done and cautions you on the risks involved, but after you explain more details to him he is ready to get you started and has you fill out the loan documents. He goes over your credit, finances and options with you in the next hour and at the end of the meeting he assures you that he will have a response for you within a week after he meets with the loan committee.  He is confident that because of your longtime membership with the bank and the assets you listed on the application it should be a go. The silent nod between you and your wife is all you need to know that you are on the same page and are equally ready to make the investment when the time comes.


Over the weekend you and your good friend drive out to three locations that you found to be promising on your first scouting trip and walk out the land with each step equalling about three feet. All of the locations meet the size requirements and you jot down the numbers to relay to Thunder Beach personnel later. You are most interested in the land next to a family fun center since you can envision it being a great place to bring your children and new grandchild. On the way home, your friend confesses that he met with a loan officer and will not be able to get a conventional loan so he submitted an application for approval of an SBA guarantee loan of $50,000, which he is waiting to hear back on. The two of you collaborate on the possibility of owning the business two thirds to one third and dividing up responsibilities accordingly.  You are willing to work with him because he is someone you’ve always been able to count on and you know that he is just as passionate about the franchisee dream as you are.


Monday afternoon rolls around and you place another call to Mr. McCormack, who is ready as always to go over information with you.  You let him know that you have walked out three potential buildout locations and give him the addresses and contact information for each of the businesses associated with the locations.  After mentioning that you favor the family fun center location he agrees that he likes where you are going with that idea, as he is a family man himself.  You also let him know that you met with a loan officer and are waiting for a response but that you are confident you will be prequalified for a loan of $150,000. He will be sending you franchisee forms to be filled out and explains that he will be contacting the businesses with the available land that you provided him to see if they are interested in the Thunder Beach franchise. If one of them are interested and you receive the go ahead from the bank, you will be able to submit the franchise option fee and a Thunder Beach team will meet in person with you and the business owner of the location in order to work out a negotiation and get the ball rolling.  By the time you get off the phone you can barely contain your excitement and do a little victory dance in the breakroom, much to the amusement of your coworkers. Little do they know, you are getting closer every second to launching a hot, new franchise business and making your dreams come true.


To be continued…

I love the smell of sand in the morning.

6 Aug

No feeling is better than waking up in the morning rejuvenated and ready go, which is exactly how you awoke the day after the webinar! Time for another exciting day in the life of a Thunder Beach franchisee, you muse as you get out of bed. While eating breakfast, you have a quick discussion with your wife about taking the next steps in the franchising process. You both agree to meet with a loan officer and discuss your options, but also decide to go ahead and start scouting potential locations for your franchise. You can hardly wait! However, your day job beckons so you reluctantly head to the office and settle in for theCompany Logo time being. During your lunch hour, doubts start creeping into your mind. I’ve never owned a business before, how will I pull this off? Is this really a good idea? Am I crazy to leave my current job? The doubts begin to pile up and you start to have a panic attack until, suddenly, you Continue reading

It’s not the size that matters. It’s how you use it.

31 Jul

Hey, Thunder Beachers and Beachettes!

parking lot

Does your parking lot ever look like this? If so, we have a solution!

Today, we’re starting a new series talking about the process we go through for selection Thunder Beach locations and building our complexes. That way, whether you’re interested in being a Thunder Beach location, someone who will one day play on our courts, or just a curious soul, you know firsthand what goes into building these places that are as majestic as the Taj Mahal or The Pyramids (Okay, they might no be that grand, but they’re still pretty nice). Continue reading

An Evening With Thunder Beach

29 Jul

Company LogoThe possibility of becoming a Thunder Beach franchisee has consumed your every waking thought since you first stumbled across their website on a dreary, Monday morning. Caught up reminiscing about your youth and the fun you had, fate came knocking at your door in the form of a sand sports franchise opportunity. Now, it is all you can think about. Your mind is full of questions. At night, you dream of owning a franchise and the laughing, enthusiastic players who will gather at your complex. Your wife is a savvy businesswoman who is willing to explore possibilities, but not without examining every detail. Despite reading the Thunder Beach website over many times, you know that there is more to learn. Continue reading

Long Beach Grand Slam

23 Jul
April Ross, Jennifer Kessy

You could watch amazing athletes like April Ross (left) and Jennifer Kessy (right) play! Who would say no to that?

Exciting things are happening out at Long Beach, CA right now!

If you didn’t already know, an FIVB Grand Slam Tournament is being ran in the USA for the first time since 2003. It’s an exciting and rare chance to see the greatest international volleyball players in the world play right here on American soil. Qualification rounds finished yesterday with the main event beginning today. So, if you’re in the area, go watch amazing athletes play an amazing sport! Here’s a link to the schedule.

A Conversation to Remember

22 Jul

Company LogoIt is now Friday. Several days have passed since you discovered Thunder Beach USA and had the idea to become a franchisee. You consulted friends who were very supportive, one of your best friends even offered to join you in your venture, and now there is only one more person that you need to talk to. You’ve known her for 28 years, she is the person you trust the most, and she holds the greatest influence in your final decision.  She is your wife, and she is returning from a business trip today. Continue reading

MIKASA es su casa

15 Jul

Hey Thunder Beachers! Signed Volleyball

We’re giving away a signed volleyball by US Olympians Phil Dalhausser, Sean Rosenthal, and their hall of fame coach, Mike Dodd. Head over to our Facebook page and check it out!

Waking up.

15 Jul

Part 2:


Does anyone like seeing this in the morning?

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.

There it goes again, that all too familiar sound of your alarm going off. It’s 6 in the morning and time for you to begin your day. Just as you are about to hit the snooze button, you remember the events of the day before. You had the idea to become a Thunder Beach franchisee! You feel a revitalizing energy come over you as you head for a hot shower.  Continue reading

All beginnings come from some beginning’s end.

9 Jul

Blog PostHey Thunder Beachers and Thunder Beachettes! Today we’re starting a new blog series where we take you through the life of a potential franchisee by telling you the story from their perspective. So, follow this series to find out why people would want to get away from the everyday grind to come work at the beach. (Hint: It’s because working at the beach basically entails building giant sand castles and chasing sand crabs everywhere. If that sounds strenuous to you, we’ll understand.)  Continue reading

“And that’s why, you never chase a skunk” — George Bluth

3 Jul

Company LogoHey, everyone! Hope you’re all looking forward to a nice July 4th weekend! Before we take some time off and enjoy the holiday, we wanted to bring you another Stories with Tim edition. Without further ado: Continue reading